BloomSky for Business

Access the combined power of a community of smart weather stations and the official weather forecaster for New Zealand, MetService. Tailored solutions to provide your business with a weather edge.


Leverage the power of a cost-effective IoT weather network, powered by today’s communication and cloud computing technologies. Stay informed in real time for hour to hour problem-solving in weather-sensitive industries.


We know that the weather where you are is unique. Tracking microclimate weather conditions can help you to improve agronomics, research and forecast capabilities for efficient resource management. Access crucial live data from the field, reported instantly from your own on site sensors to the smartphone in your hand. Review historic data for long term decision making, so that you can focus on what matters most to you.


MetService weather consultancy coupled with a real-time weather camera and sensor network and a cloud based data platform, powers forecasts and analytics that ensure precise management.

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