Q. What weather does a BloomSky SKY2 weather station measure?

The SKY2 captures:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Precipitation occurrence (not amount)

And of course the SKY2 features an HD camera capturing real-time images every 5 minutes. At the end of the day, you'll have a time-lapse, telling a clear story of your sky.

Detailed product specifications can be found here at BloomSky's support site.

If you’d like to measure windspeed and direction, precipitation amount and rate and UV levels, you can purchase a STORM to go with your BloomSky SKY2.

Q. What weather does a BloomSky STORM device measure?

STORM is an additional smart weather station that can work with your SKY2 device to record:

  • Rainfall total over the last 24 hours (mm)
  • Current rate of rainfall (mm/hr)
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • UV

Q. Why does STORM only have a ground spike for mounting?

STORM comes only with a ground spike for mounting. Our experience has shown that the spike works for some locations, and that has allowed us to keep the price of the STORM low. 

Our experience has also shown that you like to have the freedom to choose your fixing options for the STORM. Think about where you want to put your STORM (within range of your WiFi of course…) and consider whether a MOUNT (for attaching to buildings, decks, fences etc) or a TRIPOD (for freestanding installation) might be suitable.

Q. What do I need to do to set up my BloomSky devices?

Getting set up is really easy - all you need is a home WiFi connection and an Android or iPhone smartphone to download the free BloomSky app. Your WiFi connection needs to be 2.4GHz (as most standard home routers are). For the STORM, you need one physical port available on your router to connect the dongle. Instructions are available in the box or online at bloomsky.com. Within a few minutes your weather will be online and in your hand. 

Q. My device is not working.

If your device arrives damaged or cannot be used, then please contact us and we will arrange a refund for you on return of your device. Please Contact MetService

Q. I am having connection problems.

Firstly please visit https://bloomsky.desk.com/ and review the information there to assist in troubleshooting your problem. If that does not provide an answer and get you up and running then please contact BloomSky.

Q. Can I connect my new weather camera to the metservice.com Your Weather service?

Your Weather is a partnership with the UK Met Office. Right now BloomSky doesn't have an integration with Your Weather, but all of the BloomSky smart camera feeds can be seen on the BloomSky map https://map.bloomsky.com/.

Q. Where can I purchase a BloomSky device?

You are able to purchase your BloomSky device or accessory direct at https://www.bloomsky.com

Q. How can I view historical data from my weather station?

BloomSky owners have access to a dashboard at http://dashboard.bloomsky.com where they can login to see their own time-lapse videos for the previous 30 days, view the entire history of data from their weather station in a graph as well as download their station data in spreadsheet format. This information is not publicly available. Go to http://weatherlution.com/bloomsky-dashboard/ for more information on the dashboard.

Q. How do I return a product?

In most cases you can return the products you have bought. For the product to be returned it must be either faulty or defective. If you purchased the device from MetService, please contact us, and tell us the reason for the return. Once confirmed, we will arrange a courier to collect it from you.

Q. My question was not covered here..

For all general questions about your device, data, configuration and troubleshooting, please visit https://bloomsky.desk.com/.